Vessel Protection Teams

Vessel Protection Teams from Associated Risks.

Associated Risks provide privately contracted armed or unarmed security personnel (PCASP) for transits across the the waters of Southeast Asia, including the Straits of Malacca, the Sulu and Celebes Seas, and the territorial waters of Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.

Prevalent in the waters of Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, piracy on the high seas is now more of a problem than at any time since the days of sail. Commercial shipping vessels, offshore installations and privately owned super yachts face an elevated threat and intent of hijacking and kidnapping for ransom.

Our Senior Management Team have worked collectively in Maritime Security for over 60 years and have, therefore, a profound understanding of the security and business needs of vessel owners and operators. Using their extensive experience in the MARSEC industry, they are able to source a solution that will minimise your risk and maximise your performance, whilst keeping a tight control of costs.

In addition to providing armed or unarmed Teams to protect the vessel, we can source customised vessel hardening solutions that provide distinct advantages over ad-hoc methods. These include standardised fleet-wide hardening, integrated hardening during design, employment of cost-effective materials and scheduled yard maintenance service. Take a look at our extremely effective GUARDIAN™ ship protection barriers.

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