Crisis Management

Good crisis management is essential during an incident and will ensure the best possible outcome, protecting your assets, people and reputation. With inappropriate or inadequate planning, poorly prepared organizations find themselves reacting constantly to crisis situations. Without ordered priorities, organizations are unable to determine which situations call for immediate attention and which do not, compromising their ability to continue functioning effectively.

An untimely crisis can be severely detrimental to the finances, reputation and relations of an organisation. With your goals in mind, we develop flexible and comprehensive contingency plans that cater for your particular requirements. At Associated Risks, we pride ourselves on our ability to plan and prepare client organisations to anticipate and respond in a professional manner to any crisis.

Our crisis management services include:

  • Crisis prevention.
  • Crisis response.
  • Disaster preparedness.
  • Crisis management training.
  • Crisis communication plans.
  • Crisis simulation exercises.
  • Hostage negotiation training.
  • Media training.

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